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How can I book?

Please utilise the booking system and select the appropriate clinic location. To get to the bookings page, click on the buttons on our website

How do I apply for finance?

Please let us know the treatments you're interested in and your email address, and we’ll send you the necessary information.

How long does Anti-Wrinkle treatment last?

Anti-Wrinkle treatments are designed to last approximately 12 weeks. However, the longevitiy of your results will depend on various factors such as your unique body metabolism, the strength of your muscles and so on.

After your initial treatment, you'll require a follow-up treatment (top up) in two weeks time which must be scheduled in advance. Following this top up, it would need to be re-done in full every three months.

How many ML should I need if I want my cheeks done?

1ml in total for a subtle result (0.5ml in each cheek) or 2ml (1ml in each cheek) for a more defined, contoured look.

How often should i get my lips done?

Whilst building your desired shape/volume, we’d suggest approx. every 3 months. However, when the look you prefer has been achieved, depending on your personal metabolism, you may only require a top up once or twice per year.

How do you take payment

Cash or Bank Transfer.

How many ML should i start with?

As each person is unique and has different desired results, our advice varies. Typically though, we’d advise starting with 1ML of dermal filler. This creates a foundation upon which future filler can sit upon. A top up may be required 3-6 months later until you have reached your desired volume/shape. You may then wish to keep on top of your filler 1-2 times per year.

I'm not sure on what to have, can you recommend?

Send us some photos of your face (front on and side on) and let us know a little more about your budget and desired results. One of our experience team will take a look and let you know what we’d recommend.

Which product should i go with?

Although Revolax is a less expensive brand, we believe it has great longevity – this is why it’s our preferred dermal filler product to use. We are happy to discuss alternative products though if you have a strong personal preference – so get in touch!


Any cancellations must be made with at least 48 hours' notice in order to reschedule your appointment, if you cancel with less than 48 hours' notice, you will lose your booking fee. There are no refunds for booking costs.