Would you like highly discounted treatments?!

We are always welcoming new models into our training academy in Manchester City Centre. Save £££! in exchange for your before/after pictures.

Please note; the treatments will be carried out by our students. Depending on the treatment, some of these students will be fully qualified practitioners and some will be new to the industry. However, ALL students/treatments will be closely shadowed and directed by our Head Practitioner.

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Price List

0.5ml in each Cheek


1ml in each Cheek


1ml Chin


3ml Jawline/Chin Package


4ml Package


5ml Package


6ml Package


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


1ml Lips


Nose to Mouth Lines


2 Areas Anti-Wrinkle


3 Areas Anti- Wrinkle


Anti-Wrinkle Top Up


Fat Dissolving- Per Area


PRP Vampire Facial


Previous Filler Dissolving

£30 per ML


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Choose “Manchester” then “Model Day” as the treatment.
Choose your day/time (please note, we carry our different treatments on different days so drop us a DM on instagram to enquire if you’re unsure).
Pay your £20 deposit and pop a note in the box provided to let us know what treatment you’d like to have on the day.