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If you're looking for a new career in Aesthetics and don't have any relevant 
qualifications, or that you're already qualified but want to enhance your skills to take your business ahead, we can help. You've come to the right place! You'll receive a very high grade of training here at The Aesthetic Lounge Training Academy we will provide you with exactly what you need to succeed.


If you're wanting to start a new career, we'll most likely require you to do our 'Pathway To Aesthetics' course, which will offer you with all of the credentials you'll need to train in Anti-wrinkle and Fillers!

It includes modules such as;

 Anatomy & Physiology Levels 3/4

 Phlebotomy & PRP Vampire Facials - includes a practical session with our Phlebotomist, taking blood from a live model

 A Pre-Study manual to work through at home

Upon completion of this access course, you’ll be able to progress to the next step of your Aesthetics journey - our ‘Full Works’ combined course


Most Popular

Our 'Full Works' combined course

Introduction to Dermal Fillers

Introduction to Botulinum Toxin type A 

Safe Practice & Infection Control

Introductory Complication Management

Hyaluronidase & Dissolving

Customer Care & Consultation

Pharmacy & Prescriber Set-Up

Partner Insurance Company Set-Up

Ongoing Support & Student Aftercare

Stock/Product Supply

Social Media Promotion


Courses We Offer

Pathway to Aesthetic Course

This includes 3 qualifications -

Anatomy & Physiology Levels 3/4, Phlebotomy + PRP Vampire Facials

Introductory Dermal Fillers

This covers Lips + Nasolabial Folds

Introduction to Botulinum Toxin A 

(AKA 'Basic B'tox)

This covers the 3 main ‘area’s’ off Anti-Wrinkle injections.

The 'Full Works'

This is our most popular course and the one we always aim to sell. This is the Introductory Dermal Fillers + Introductory Anti Wrinkle together as 1 course.

Platinum Package

Pathway to Aesthetics + Full Works but on a 1-2-1 Basis

Gold Package

Pathway to Aesthetics + Full Works but in a group setting (2-3 students per class)

Advances Courses 

(led by of head practitioner)

- Facial Sculpting Masterclass with Cannula Masterclass

- Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Masterclass

- Advanced Lip Techniques (inc. Russian) Masterclass

- Tear Trough with Cannula Masterclass

Other Courses

(taught by our resident skin expert)

Ultimate Skin Boosters Course - £899

Ultimate Vitamin Course - £599

Ultimate Fat Dissolving - £699

Refresher Courses

Customised quote based on individual needs.

Refresh your knowledge in any previous certified course (even if it was with a different training academy).

All courses include…

- a high volume of live models

- ongoing aftercare and support

- either 1-2-1 training or small groups

- lots of content (pics/videos) filmed on your behalf that you can take with you to use on your social media platforms

- the opportunity to join our exclusive practitioners forum which offers 24/7 aftercare and support

- the opportunity to join O.R.A (organisation of registered aestheticians)

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